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Roofers Come When You Need A Roof... 24-7 Restoration is with you long before you have 
a roof leak or roof issue. We will help you with proper insurance policy audits, the lowest 
cost roof repairs, and we will make sure that you don't hustled by the typical sleazy door to 
door salesman. 24-7 will make sure that your property is covered so you can rest sound.

Who we are

24-7 Restoration is located in Mansfield, TX. Our company started our property restoration journey as insurance preferred restoration contractors. When you call your insurance and request a contractor, we used to be the guys they sent out. We shared inside access to their communication network, estimating guidelines and had quick 1 on 1 direct communication to your insurance adjustor.
As aninsurance preferred vendor we saw the bad side of insurance adjusters and we also saw the bad side of contractors. Unfortunately, they are about 50/50. We stopped working for the insurance companies and we now are the barrier between the subcontractor labor and the insurance adjuster. We will make sure your adjuster cooperates and that your job is not short changed by a cheap roofing contractor. Your quality comes first with 24-7 Restorations. 682-999-8732

Info About Our Roofing Services

24-7 Restoration specializes in identifying and repairing roofing damage caused 
 Improper installation, storm damage, mechanical roof damage and old age.
 Our expertise is in roofing systems and making them correctly function. As a 
Texas general contractor we ensure your entire property is restored to pre 
  Our company takes it a step farther then even the most tenacious exterior 
contractors and we actually guarantee that one 24-7 Restoration completes 
your home or buildings restoration, the value will have improved 
 Often never considered by a property owner, during the restoration process, 
are their insurance rates and how a new roof will affect these rates. 
 24-7 restoration has your best interest in mind and we want you to understand  
how replacing your roof can affect your rates. 682-999-8732

 A new roof will offer a minimal insurance discount where as a new upgraded class 
roof can have tremendous saving power when it comes to insurance breaks and
 discounts. If you have a commercial roof we can offer even more insurance saving 
options. Before you replace your roof Texas Commercial Roof, make sure to talk to
 a roof specialist at 24-7 Restoration to see how we can save you money, time, and

More About Roofing Systems Below

What we do

In Texas a roof has to be tough. Here is a certainteed approved roofing system with mountain ridge cap for a high definition look. Our clients enjoy the benefits of a certainteed sure start warranty and a lifetime commitment that their roof will preform as intended.
Mission Statement
Ensuring the highest quality work on your roof and providing the best level of customer satisfaction. We are the bridge between your adjuster doing the right thing and a roofing contractors correctly installing all components on your home or office.

Our world-class team

Why 24-7 Restoration

 24-7 Restoration started as a insurance preferred contractor, meaning- when 
you insurance adjuster said they have a person that can do it cheaper, we are
 the ones sent out. many times we would have to properly and ethically build a
 roof to manufacture specs while the insurance company would not pay for all
 of the necessary items.
 It can be difficult to deal with insurance companies. so Roofing companies build your roof as cheap as possible and then move on to the next. We only employ the best roofing contractors to install our roofs and we supervise the entire process.Ensuring the entire roof is built to manufacture specs.
 With lifetime warranties, we are committed to the welfare of your roof for the long-term.

You Dont need construction experience to not 
get ripped off on your asphalt shingle roof!

Residential Roofer Cut Corners To Save Money & Time. Here's How
Residential roofing subcontractor and low quality roofing companies leave the builder grade tar paper underlayment. The problem with doing so is that tar paper holds in moisture which lead to premature deck rot. It is crucial to remove all underlayment and expose the entire roofs deck for a proper inspection.
Con-tractors will often times take money allowed by an insurance companies for items like gutters and fence staining and "apply" that towards your deductible. Most insurance companies underpay these items from the very beginning so rather then having the item done and be paid a proper amount, your roofing contractor took and underpayment and prevented you from having your whole property restored.
This is typically more the norm with storm chasers, but once or twice a year you hear the stories on the news about "a man who steals homeowners insurance checks and takes a vacation. Make sure the roofing company you want to do business with is local and has a nearby office location. Also check to make sure that address actually has employees onsite; roofing con artist are getting more clever with using crafty addresses disguised as an office to google.

Make Sure Your Roof Is Done Right

Above: 4 layers of tarpaper left on this roofs deck by the 4 companies that replaced this roof before us. For the last 40 years This roof has been installed poorly. We finally fixed it. 

The last contractor sold this owner a "Full" ice ad water 
shield system. They covered the whole roof in a peel and stick based product that we place in the valleys and at side wall flashings to prevent leaks. There is no measurable benefit of this in our region but we suspect it was a storm chaser because this is a popular method up north where ice damning causes water to back up under the shingles as ice and snow melts. 

Texas does not get much snow or ice which is why manufactures do not call for this in north Texas.
When companies leave felt paper like the photos above it make finding rotten decking and leaks impossible. when we replace a roof we take it all the way to the yellow deck to ensure that you have a smooth flat roofing system that will last you 20+ years. The decking on the Cedar Hill Texas home to the right was actually a repair that Allstate tried to deny. It took a lot of our time and additional meets with the insurance company for us to get it all covered.
Before and after of a hail damaged fence. Most homeowners don't realize that their "weathered" fence is truly damaged from the weather.
 Your homeowners insurance owes you for all direct physical loss.

 Make sure your roofing contractor doesn't pocket the money that should be used to restore your ENTIRE property.
Hail damages gutters and lowers their resale value. These sharp indentions in the gutters a classic tell tale sign of hail damage to your home. Watch out though, many Texas property insurers are coming up with clever ways to underpay your claim including adding a "MARRED METAL" clause which states unless the hail put a physical hole through your soft metal, the insurance company doesn't actually owe you for them.
No matter what form of storm damage you have, you must make sure that your damage is properly assessed and your home is properly restored. When you need is down right, call 24-7 Restoration
 Mansfield, TX 682-999-8732

Our Process

STEP 1. Identify -We start 
with a clear identification
of your needs and your problems.
STEP 2. Inspect-Next, we thoroughly inspect your property for current and future issues.
STEP 3. Assess- Then we write up a full assessment where we identify any and all issues that we have uncovered.
STEP 4. Recommend- We 
make our professional reccomendatoion based on roof age, condition, timing 
and your budget.

STEP 5. Follow Up- we will help you stop leaks until your roof is ready for a replacement. If we are helping you deal with your insurance company then we will help follow up with them for a proper scope of work.
STEP 6. Repair - Once you are ready to process with roof repairs or a full roof replacement then we will be ready to provide you with the best service and quality work, at a fair market value.

Commercial Roofing

Licensed, Insured, Certified to handle your roof

Commercial Roofing Texas

Commercial roofing systems are finicky. Essentially a giant rubber or plastic pool on your roof. You should try to keep people off of it and after any servicemen preform cable/ electrical/ securty/ ect., it needs to be inspected by a flat roofing professional that know how to look for damage. If you can't tell me how to find a pin hole leak or 1/2 heated tpo membrane joint, you should not be "assessing" a commercial system. Hail damages the back of commercial roofing membranes and most so called roofer have no idea how to find unobvious damage.

Each time one of these roofing imposters inspects your roof, they actually hurt your chance at having damage covered through insurance. We are a restoration company that functions more as a severe weather scientist. Can you roofer tell you what the wind uplift on a 4 foot parapet wall is with an average wind speed of 60 miles per hour, because we can. We back our reports with facts and bring you a real solution to your roofing problems. With 24-7 Restoration caring for your roof and your property, you will have accurate yearly reports that pinpoint storm damage as it occurs.
We use science and infared technology to document your roof. When a storm causes a leak, we will be there with a damning report to provide to your insurance. Our method is one of a kind and we guarantee results.

TPO/ Modified bitumen/ EPDM roofing systems should be free of standing water within 48 hours after rain fall. Water that accumulates on your roofs surface will eventually turn into to a roof leak as gravity takes its toll. The suns harmful UV rays will prematurely wear down roofing membranes.

24-7 Restoration specializes in Mod Bitumen, EPDM, TPO, and PVC roofing memebranes.
How long will a commercial tpo or flat roof last, can depend greatly on how well you maintenance your flat roof. If you treat your commercial roof like a 2 week old bag of bagels (and forget about it), then you are asking for trouble down the road. 

We like to put eyes on your tpo roof once a year to inspect for vandalism, storm damage, and potential leaks. Byh doing so we have found that a small patch here and there can cost a couple hundred rather then a couple thousand. 

A custom care plan can be made depending on the use of your facility. For instance if your have a lot of foot traffic for a restaurant roof or hospital roof then we would reccomend that your roof has service walk pads installed anywhere that a careless serviceman is likely to step.

With our proper care and maintenance plan we guarantee to extend the life of your commercial roof by 10-20% which equates to up to 5 extra years that you don't not have to replace to roof on your facility.

Not all commercial roofing systems require a replacement right now.... but sometimes it is advantageous to replace when your insurance will foot the bill.

Below is a roof tear off where 2 pieces of decking have been removed. The surrounding decking is rust and will need to be replaced due to deterioration.

What We Do For Property Management Companies

This 1 year old TPO roof located in Richland Hills, Texas was poorly installed by a storm chaser. It began leaking from 12 areas and required re welding of the seams.
Property managers can be overwhelmed. If you have an older property or a whole portfolio of older properties it can be daunting to maintain these properties let alone a roof that no one thinks about until it leaks. The cold fact is that by the time you can spot a commercial roof leak, the damage is done. it is too late. Leaks come from 3 things.
1. improperly flashed or improperly installed roof membrane
2. old age. as your roof breaks down and lacks proper                     maintenance it will start to leak
3. Storm damage. 

Remember when the maintenance guy jumped on the roof and saw "all good" , well he actually missed the fact that your 25 year old tar and gravel roof has the parapet walls torn to shreds and you were actually eligible for a replacement....OUCH. A $200-300K roof that could have been paid in full by insurance.
Managing properties is tough and managing something that is too tall to get to such as a co Mercia roofing system is usually put of the questions.
we can help you maintain your properties and look good to your supervisor. Would you clients fo business with you if you were able to save them $200,000 per property that they own?
How we help maintain your property.
Yearly roof inspections- thorough inspections to check for leaks and small punctures in common areas.
Free Maintenance- Reseal all flashings or potential areas for leaks. Patch as needed. Clear roof of debris and check functionality of drains.
Impeccable inspection reports each year which include thermal leak detection images at no charge. Dont trust a roofer to tell you when you have a leak, this restoration company will show you first hand.
Right : Is a photo from a local hotel with a discontinued tile covering the perimeter
 These ludowici roof tiles are original to the building. From the ground you can not tell that the tiles are broken and not correctly shedding water.
24-7 Restoration has the experience to extend the life of your roof to its full potential. Don't let an inexperienced roof repair man get on your roof until you have a qualified restoration company inspect your asset.

Searching For A Roofer Near You?

Do You Suspect Property Damage?
Reach out now and we will help you set up your no cost property assessment.
Our main office sits near 
historical downtown Mansfield,

400 Industrild Site 408
Mansfield, Tx 76063

8AM - 5PM, Mon to Fri
Available for emergencies 24/7


(682) 999-8732

Don't Let Your Roof Get Out Of Control

- Martin Tran
Property Developer/Wealth Coach

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